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August 09, 2021

Ohio State Radiology Committee Helps Boundless Welcome Kids Back from Summer Break

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Collection of donation items for kids

Summer break is coming to an end, but for students making their way back to Boundless, the fun doesn’t have to be over yet.

Thanks to the generosity of The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Radiology Relationship Based Care Steering Committee (OSUWMC Radiology RBC Committee), students participating in Boundless’ center-based programs will find a heaping pile of brand new sensory and educational toys when they return from break.

About the Committee

Formed in 2020, the OSUWMC Radiology RBC Committee focuses on four key relationships to create an environment of care and healing for their patients and staff: care of patient, care of self, care of colleagues, and care of the community. Through their care of community efforts, they have sponsored many fundraising food drives and events within their department to help support people in their community.

This summer, the committee decided to sponsor their first “Back to School” drive for a local nonprofit and chose Boundless.

Why Toys are Central to Our Work in Center-Based Programs

Playtime is an important part of any child’s education, but sensory and educational toys provide more than just fun. Sensory toys have been proven to help stimulate the brain and encourage development, as well as improve social skills such as communication and cooperation—all of which are central to the integrated behavioral and educational curriculum of the center-based programs at Boundless. 

Boundless center-based programs are not schools, but rather programs for kids and adolescents with behavioral health challenges who struggle in a traditional school setting. Boundless center-based programs aim to help students transition back into their home school district when they are ready.

Getting Involved with Boundless

Sensory and educational toys can be donated through our Amazon Wish List, which is full of items specifically requested by individuals from our programs. This is just one of the many ways to get involved with the work we do at Boundless!

For questions on how you or your business can partner with Boundless, please reach out to our Philanthropy Manager Dominique Thobaben, at or 614-844-3800 ext:2344.

Thank you!

To everyone on the OSUWMC Radiology RBC Committee, thank you for enriching our programs with your donation. We know these items will bring a smile to our students’ faces!

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