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Sometimes it takes a village. That's why we offer our multi-system youth program.

Young adult sitting at table with paper money, healthcare worker standing and hold paper money.

What is the Boundless multi-system youth program?

Our multi-system youth (MSY) program is a residential option for teenagers and young adults who cannot be served in their natural homes and require specialized services supported by multiple public systems. We assist these young people by providing behavior support, active treatment, and opportunities to develop daily living skills and deeper connections to their community.

Teenage patient and healthcare provider hugging.

What does the MSY program involve?

Each MSY program is developed in partnership with local county agencies to meet the unique needs of your community. In general, Boundless MSY programs provide a suite of supports and services that include:

  • one-to-one supervision
  • therapeutic support
  • extensive training for direct service professionals
  • specially adapted living space
  • outside space for active engagement
  • on-site therapy equipment

What are the outcomes of enrollment in an MSY program?

Our multi-system youth programs have shown a remarkable 50% reduction in challenging behavior and a 75% reduction in restraints. In situations where families have been forced to sign over parental rights, our program can help restore those rights to the family.

How do I know if an MSY program is right for my loved one?

Individuals served through MSY must be eligible for intermediate care facility services. To learn more about our MSY program, please call our intake department to speak with one of our intake counselors.

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