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Boundless provides the care you need in the environment that works best for you.

Patient in their living room, smiling, on laptop for telehealth visit.

How does telehealth work at Boundless?

We work with you to schedule an initial assessment to help us determine what kind of care you or your loved one will benefit from most. Next, we connect you to your telehealth service provider(s). Many of our services can also include in-home service delivery if needed.

Do you provide technical help?

If you have any issues downloading the platform or are confused by anything in the process, we are here to help. Call or email us, and we will walk you through it. We can practice with you ahead of time to ease your stress. And if all else fails, we can even try to send someone to your home to help.

Video conferencing might be new to you, and that’s okay. We will work with you to provide the support you need, including holding your appointment via regular phone call to see if that meets your needs.

What telehealth services are available through Boundless?

Many of the services we offer at Boundless are available through telehealth as well as in-person.

  1. 01

    Applied Behavior Analysis Services

    We provide consultations to increase adaptive skills and decrease challenging behavior.

  2. 02

    Case Management

    Case management is available via telehealth, as well as in the home and the community.

  3. 03

    Diagnostic Assessment

    Our mental health professionals specialize in evaluating for a range of mental health diagnoses

  4. 04

    Individual and Family Counseling

    Our team offers counseling sessions, on a frequency as determined by your needs.

  5. 05

    Psychiatric Nursing Care

    Our nurses monitor symptoms and provide care, allowing you or your loved one to live a boundless life.

  6. 06

    Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry

    Our clinicians provide evaluations along with medication management services.

  7. 07

    Speech and Language Therapy

    We offer one-on-one therapy from a state-licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP).

Patient sitting on couch having a telehealth visit with physician.

How can I learn more about telehealth options at Boundless?

To learn more about Boundless telehealth services, call or email us today and speak with one of our intake counselors.

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