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Spire Arts offers participants the unique chance to create, explore, and sell art — all while developing job skills.

Painting of sunset over water and rocks.

What is Spire Arts?

Spire Arts is one of our most popular adult day services. This hands-on program teaches participants technique and history from a wide range of artistic disciplines, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, clay, and fiber arts. Our instructors also help connect participants with opportunities to display their work in the community, venues to sell their work, and outings that help them develop as professional artists.

Who can participate in Spire Arts?

Adults receiving services on our Dayton campus can participate in this unique program, one or two days a week. Beginning in July 2024, Spire Arts will also be available to adults in our Cleveland and Medina area programs.


What does Spire Arts offer participants?

  • studio space to create and store art
  • a positive learning environment
  • art supplies and materials
  • staff support
  • internet access and technology tools
  • art exploration and education in a variety of mediums
  • opportunities to sell artwork
  • collaborations with other artists and programs
  • volunteer opportunities
  • art related outings

Is Spire Arts right for me or my loved one?

If you or your loved one live in or near the Dayton, Cleveland or Medina areas, qualify for adult day services, and are looking to unlock your creative side, Spire Arts might be the program for you. Contact one of our intake counselors today to learn more.

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