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Our vocational training team focuses on job development, community employment, and job coaching.

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What is Boundless vocational training?

Our vocational training program—sometimes called vocational habilitation—helps people with I/DD or behavioral health challenges to develop and grow the general skills necessary for a wide range of jobs. Our program focuses on practical skill development that encourages independence, self-determination, and competitive community employment.

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How does vocational training work at Boundless?

Our vocational training centers offer positive environments to learn and hone a variety of skills that can then be translated into a rewarding career with an outside employer. Our program model highlights the importance of the discovery process unique to each person as they work toward their goals.

What are some of the vocational training opportunities at Boundless?

Boundless offers a variety of virtual, center-based, and entirely community-based vocational training programs that vary by region. Currently, our vocational training services are available on both our West Carrollton and Medina campuses.

West Carrollton Campus

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Spire Arts

Spire Arts offers participants the unique chance to create, explore, and sell art — all while developing job skills. Participants learn technique and history from instructors trained in a wide range of artistic disciplines, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, clay, and fiber arts.

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Pets & People Dog Treats

Every batch of Pets & People dog treats is made by adults with disabilities involved in our vocational training program. From mixing the dough to packaging each biscuit, our team takes great pride in knowing that the treats they make keep tails wagging for more.

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Vocational Habilitation Without Walls (WOW)

Vocational Habilitation WOW empowers people looking to better connect to their community. Services include pre-vocational training at community sites based on team interests. Non-medical transportation is an essential component of the WOW service model. Team members will be provided home pick up/drop off and site transportation.

Medina Campus

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Vocational Ventures Club

Our vocational training—or vocational habilitation—program helps people with I/DD and behavioral health challenges learn how to take care of personal care needs in a workplace, including hygiene, meals, and taking medication. Participants will also practice interacting with customers, co-workers, and other people in the workplace, learn to speak up for themselves at work, and develop strategies for securing community employment.

Is Boundless vocational training right for me or my loved one?

To learn more about these opportunities, contact one of our intake counselors today.

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