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Boundless offers hands-on adult day programs tailored to individual passions, skills, and abilities.

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What are adult day programs?

Boundless offers a variety of virtual, center-based, and WOW adult day programs for adults with disabilities or behavioral health challenges such as autism. Our programs provide ongoing opportunities for people to connect with their peers, learn new skills, and explore their community.

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What makes Boundless adult day programs stand out?

We take the time to get to know each of our participants and then develop person-centered programming that appeals to their individual needs and interests. We can even provide non-medical transportation to help people get where they need to go.

What types of programs are available?

Boundless offers a variety of virtual, center-based, and entirely community-based adult day services.

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Without Walls (WOW) program

Boundless WOW offers individuals the chance to connect with others in their community through small group excursions and hands-on learning opportunities. Groups are limited to four participants. Additional requirements vary by region.

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Center-based (WOW) programs

Primarily taking place on one of our campuses, center-based programs range from music lessons and yoga to afternoons spent in our dance studio and healthy cooking classes.

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Vocational Training

A career can be a bridge to greater self-esteem and a stronger sense of community connection. Our team helps build those bridges through programs like our Pets & People Dog Treat enterprise, and similar programs that develop and grow the general skills necessary for a wide range of jobs.

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Spire Arts

Spire Arts offers participants the unique chance to create, explore, and sell art — all while developing job skills. Participants learn technique and history from instructors trained in a wide range of artistic disciplines, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, clay, and fiber arts.

Central Ohio Programs

We offer a variety of Without Walls (WOW) options in Central Ohio tailored around participants. Examples of clubs at Boundless include:

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Arts & Culture Club

Explore the history and art of Central Ohio through visits to botanical gardens and museums. Take part in a book club, music lesson, create art, and attend concerts and plays.

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Fit for Foodies Club

Engage with owners and staff at restaurants to learn about and sample cuisines from different cultures. Other activities include cooking classes, learning about healthy diets and nutrition, meal plan, and composing menus.

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Great Outdoors Club

Enjoy easy "hiking" and walks at metro and area parks, wildlife watching and ranger talks, birdwatching, and other seasonal activities.

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Animal Club

Connect with various animals from the home, farm, and zoo, through hands-on experience with chickens, sheep, horses, and more.

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Photography & Scrapbooking Club

Utilize your camera to explore a variety of planned subjects during each excursion. Learn to edit and print photos, scrapbooks, and compile photobooks.

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Recreation & Leisure Club

Enjoy games and conversations with friends, Bingo, water aerobics, yoga, dancing, various sports, and movies.

Dayton Area Programs

Virtual, center-based, and WOW options are available for our Dayton-area participants. Some of our popular programs include:

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Vocational Habilitation WOW

Vocational Habilitation WOW empowers people looking to better connect to their community. Our program focuses on skill development that encourages independence, self-determination, and a career path towards competitive, community employment.


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Pets & People Dog Treats

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Spire Arts

Spire Arts is a vocational art program that provides person-centered care for adults with developmental disabilities who wish to create, explore, and sell art while developing job skills. Adults receiving services on our West Carrollton campus can participate in this unique program, one or two days a week.

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Employment Services

Boundless provides job development services that help the people we serve find long-term employment in the community and ongoing job coaching to support employment long-term.

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Vocational Training

Our passionate team of employment professionals focus on job development, community employment, and job coaching. Training opportunities include the production and distribution of Pets' N People Dog Biscuits, secure document destruction with Super Shred, and a variety of facility cleaning and housekeeping services.

Medina Area Programs

Participants can access center-based and WOW services from our Medina campus. Examples of some of our programs include:

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Center-Based Programs

Our integrated curriculum offers the people we serve opportunities for pre-vocational training, along with the chance to build social, problem-solving, communication, advocacy, independent living, and coping skills.

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Mind, Body & Sole WOW Club

Description: Get moving with music and dance sessions with Beyond Words, yoga with Afterlight Fitness, along with walking, mindfulness, and wellbeing education. 

Monday - Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Catchment Area: Brunswick

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Socialwise WOW Club

Unleash your artistic side by getting involved in art projects, crafts, cultural education, flower/sculpture gardens, museums, socialization, and more.

Monday - Thursday 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Catchment Area: Brunswick

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Rec & Leisure WOW Club

Kick back, relax, and enjoy socialization, exploring nature, board games, bird watching, bowling, and more.

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. 

Catchment Area: Medina

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Vocational Ventures WOW Club

Connect with your community through vocational education, volunteerism, community, socialization, and more.

Tuesday - Friday 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Catchment Area: Medina

Are Boundless adult day services right for me or my loved one?

Boundless has forty years' experience delivering person-centered care to adults with I/DD and behavioral health challenges. Our approach encourages participants to become actively involved in the communities where they live, work, and play. To learn more about these opportunities, contact one of our intake counselors today.

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