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September 12, 2022

Easy Ways to Celebrate National Encouragement Day

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Young child looking at a wall that reads beliver in yourself.

A little effort can go a long way

Today is National Encouragement Day. In 2007, a group of university students from Arkansas came up with the idea (and the name) because they saw a “lack of encouragement” as one of the biggest obstacles faced by youth. Arkansas made it a holiday, then not long after, it spread nationally.

There are many ways to encourage others, and it’s a worthy aim to practice the attitudes and habits of an “encourager” each day. This article shares some simple ways to get started encouraging the people around you.

Choose one, two, or—since these are so easy to do—why not challenge yourself to complete the entire list? Here are six easy ways to encourage someone today:

Write a Note
A sticky note on the mirror or a folded note in a lunchbox (it’s not just for kids!) can go a long way in adding a little cheer to someone’s day. Long or short, handwritten notes come across as extra thoughtful.

Send a Text
Not physically with the person you want to encourage? Send a quick text to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Use your own words and be sincere. Even simple thoughts like, “I’m glad we are friends,” are meaningful.

Make a List
Make a list of five to ten positive things about someone. Send it or read it to them!

Include things you appreciate about them and find ways to mention something they are good at; some things can be serious, and others can be fun.

Put Away Your Phone
Give someone your full attention when you are with them. With this simple action, the message you give is, “You are important.” It shows you value your time with them.

Give a Just-Because Surprise
While words of affirmation are good, gifts can be meaningful to many people. They don’t need to be expensive. Bring your friend or co-worker a coffee (or tea, soda, or a candy bar). It’s not only a physical pick-me-up, but it shows you were thinking of them, which will make them feel good.

Be Available
Let a person know you are available when they need someone to talk to. Schedule a time to talk, whether in person, a video chat, or just a phone call. Please don’t feel the need to offer advice unless it is asked for. Just listening and being present is often enough.

What other creative ways are there to encourage people? We’d love to hear what you do to make others smile; share your ideas in our social media comment section!

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