Parent-Directed Program

The Parent-Directed Program is a one-of-a-kind service for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live with a family member or in their own home and would like to have the ability to direct services. 

The Parent-Directed Program offers freedom and empowerment to individuals and families by giving them the authority to:

  • Handpick their own direct service and support staff to recommend for hire by our agency. 
  • Direct the scheduling of staff at their home. This allows a great deal of flexibility as support and service needs change.
  • Choose a staff rate of pay (based on their waiver budget) between $10-$16/hour.  This benefit reduces staff turnover significantly.  

Our agency works with families and the individual to:

  • Provide regular updates to assure that levels of funding are known at all times.
  • Ensure there are no payment delays to employees due to government or regulatory bureaucracy.  

(Boundless) is a godsend. It’s so wonderful to know Sandra is with (Boundless) and if something would happen to me it would be all right.  It’s marvelous Sandra is learning all these new skills, too. We’re so lucky to have this kind of organization in Franklin County. It’s a perfect solution.

Dodie Whitacre


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