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June 08, 2022

Why Does Bubbles, the Boundless Mascot, Wear Headphones?

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Bubbles at SOAR

Why Does Bubbles Wear Headphones?

This past week, we introduced a new friendly face here at Boundless. Bubbles, our new mascot, has been visiting those we serve, and he has received a warm welcome. Bubbles is special to our Boundless family for many reasons. Over the next few weeks, we will share some of his special traits! 

If you have seen Bubbles around campus, you will notice that he wears special headphones when he is in a crowded space with other people and might be overwhelmed by loud noises. 

Kristen Messer, ELM clinical director, who works with many students who also wear headphones for similar reasons, said using noise-canceling headphones allows our friends with sensory sensitivity needs to participate in activities that may otherwise be too loud for them. The headphones help them not to feel overwhelmed by the noise so they can focus on activities. 

“Bubbles and our friends with sensory sensitivity may wear these headphones in many different settings like a party, a walk outside, during class learning times with other friends, when other friends are being loud near them, or in a new environment,” Messer said. 

Making Bubbles relatable to the people we serve was an important goal when first developing the Boundless mascot. We hope as Bubbles is out in the community, he brings awareness to those with similar needs.

Now that you know why Bubbles wears headphones, you can better understand why others chose to wear them. So, when you see someone wearing noise-canceling headphones, be aware of your voice level and approach them calmly to make them feel safer while including them in fun activities. 


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