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December 13, 2022

Well-Being Ep. 26: High Tech Communication Devices Give People a Voice

  • Podcast
Photo of Scott Light, Brad Whitmoyer, Abby Harris and Jennifer Monahan

How the Right Device Can Impact Families

Finding the right Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) technologies improve overall health, build confidence, and help with verbal language. When can you get a language and device consultation? What is the process of pairing the right device with an individual? Join Brad Whitmoyer as he uses his eye tracker technology and a mouse/clicker activated by his knee to share his experiences both personally and professionally. It's pretty amazing!  Along with Brad, you'll hear from Jennifer Monahan, senior AAC consultant from PRC-Saltillo who talks about technology today and what we may see in the technology of tomorrow.  Also, Abby Harris, a speech language pathologist from Boundless shares the profound impact she's seen these devices have on individuals and their families. 


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