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August 01, 2022

Remote Support Services Coming Soon

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Technology Fosters More Independence

Boundless is excited to announce that Remote Support Services will soon be offered as part of the array of services Boundless provides. Remote Support allows an off-site technician, a remote care support specialist, to monitor and respond to a person’s health, safety, or any other needs using live, two-way communication in real time, this can include monitoring sensors and alarms in the home and live video chat, like FaceTime. This real time communication provided by technology allows more independence while having virtual support available whenever needed.

“Technology will not ever replace all in-person staff, but it can supplement staff and give individuals a greater sense of independence, which leads to a higher quality of life,” said Jennifer Riha, vice president of programs, Boundless. “At Boundless we are always looking for ways to further independence for those we serve.”

These services, which include an assessment of whether and which technology options will best serve everyone, ongoing technology support, and remote support services, will be available to those with an eligible waiver.

This is a great option for many families so please consider these opportunities and see if it is a good fit for your loved ones to further personal independence, without risking health or safety. According to the Ohio DODD website, here are important things to consider:

  • Be ready to have a conversation with the Remote Support Service staff and your direct service provider to see if your health and safety needs will be met with this service.
  • Each person who chooses to use Support Services will have a specific plan based on the needs and wants of the individual and their staff.
  • All family, team, and service providers will be provided with information, so they understand how the Remote Support equipment will work.
  • Think about the remote technology that will be used and ask if you think more training is needed.

As we have more specific information about our Remote Support Services beginning this fall, we will be certain to share it with you. However, it is never too early to start having these conversations with your loved ones and their SSAs. If you have questions or would like to be put on an interest list, please contact Chris Daniels at


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