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January 11, 2023

How Donations Impact Boundless

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Different Ways to Give

Most of us were taught at an early age that sharing is a good thing to do. We know that giving to help others who are less fortunate is something we should do when we can. Studies show that giving not only helps the beneficiaries but helps the donor as well. Donating boosts your mood and even brings about a feeling of satisfaction and joy. It has been scientifically proven that giving even a small amount produces neurological activity in our brain that promotes a feeling of pleasure and joy.

So, it is not surprising that many adults seek to give to nonprofit organizations like Boundless. Nonprofits rely heavily on the charitable giving of others to provide exceptional programs and services to underserved populations and worthy causes. Without the generosity of donors, Boundless would not be able to accomplish as much and improve the lives of those we serve to the same extent.

At Boundless, we are very donor centric. In other words, a donor gets to choose which program or service they want to donate to, within reason. Our advancement team helps guide prospective donors to give in the areas they are most passionate about based on our current needs.

People are often unaware of how donations work in funding an organization. While every organization has differences, there are a lot of similarities. There are two basic types of funding: unrestricted and restricted. As a donor, it is important to understand the differences in these designations. Unrestricted gifts allow a nonprofit to put the money towards its greatest need, including operational costs. This is the type of gift that helps to not only sustain the organization but allows it to flourish and grow. Unrestricted gifts are vital to maximize an organization’s ability to respond to the constantly evolving needs of the community it serves.

While unrestricted gifts are always necessary, some donors prefer to restrict (or direct) their gift to a specific program or service that they are most interested in. These donations can either help fund a special need or support the program in general.

For example, last spring Boundless needed sensory rooms for our youth center-based programs. We were extremely fortunate to receive several donations and grants to create these much-needed spaces. These spaces are extremely popular with the children we serve and the staff. They can be used when someone is having a difficult day. It is a safe place to de-stress and take a break. Another use for these unique spaces is as a reward for good behavior.

In other situations, family members may prefer to give to the programs that their loved ones are involved in so that the program administrators can maintain the quality of services provided.

In March of 2022, Boundless launched its first ever capital campaign, Boundless Futures, to garner funds to renovate a building for our newest initiative, Boundless Health. A capital campaign is a type of restricted gift. It is a concentrated effort to raise a substantial amount of money for a specific undertaking. Though many donors chose to contribute to the campaign, it does not take funds away that would have gone to other programs and services. It is a collective effort of many donors coming together to support one initiative that would not be possible by one donor.

The most common ways you can donate to Boundless is by making a one-time donation or a recurring donation. You can also speak with someone to arrange a stock gift, arrange long-term planned giving, or an in-kind donation. If you would like to learn more about any of these options, please contact

At the end of the day, donations all work together to help Boundless operate and provide exceptional programming to a neurodiverse population. Contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations are what allows Boundless to go the extra mile and offer the people we serve the best quality of life. If you have donated to us in any way, please know we greatly appreciate your gifts.


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