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April 27, 2022

Coming Soon: A Boundless Mascot!

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Coming Soon A Boundless Mascot. Green and orange background with a silhouette of a head with a question mark.

Get Ready to Welcome Our New Mascot

We are thrilled to announce Boundless will soon have its very own mascot! 

After months of planning, we selected Costume Specialists, a local mascot designer in Columbus, who has turned our initial sketch into a final concept which is, at this very moment, being fabricated into a full-size costume.

What Makes Our Mascot Unique

The goal from the start was to make the new Boundless mascot relatable, gentle, and lovable. Our team has worked hard to create a character who they hope will truly resonate with the people we serve. One of the ways we sought to do this is to make our mascot nonverbal. 

We know what you're thinking: most mascots do not speak. However, the Boundless mascot will be unique in that it will have it's own communication tablet, just like the many people we serve who are nonverbal.

The mascot will also have fully fingered hands in order to make some of the simple signs commonly used by members of the I/DD community, meaning it will use multiple types of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) to interact with people.

Furthermore, sensory friendliness will be a big part of our new mascot's story and personality. 

But that's all we are going to say here for now!

Why a Mascot?

With our nonprofit growing in leaps and bounds, getting the word out about our many programs and services for individuals with I/DD and behavioral health challenges has become an even bigger undertaking. 

We are thrilled that we will soon have a fun and friendly character that people will be able to associate with our work here at Boundless, which will go a long way toward helping raise recognition and spread awareness

Even more exciting, we plan to incorporate this mascot into the fun events happening all around Boundless; we can't wait to see the smiles on the faces of the people we serve! 

It is our hope that having a mascot will give us many more opportunities to connect with our communities, not only at our our main campus in Columbus, but at all our Boundless locations across Ohio.

The Big Reveal

While the big reveal of our finished mascot is still several weeks away, next week we will be dropping clues for our friends, families, and fans to guess: Who is the new Boundless mascot? 

Every day, we will reveal one picture to hint at what type of animal our mascot will be, with a video reveal on Friday. We hope you follow along on our social media channels and try to figure it out!

We can't wait to finally share this new mascot with everyone and for all the fun to come.

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