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May 05, 2022

Celebrating Our Boundless Nurses

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A nurse folding a stethoscope into a heart

National Nurses Week Begins May 6

By Anna Wuerth

The American Nursing Association officially designated the first National Nurses week in 1994. Each year it begins on May 6 and concludes on May 12, the birthdate of celebrated nurse Florence Nightingale. While we may often think of nurses working in hospitals, only sixty percent of nurses are employed there. The other forty percent work out in the community.

Boundless is proud to recognize all that nurses do each day to contribute to the well-being of the people we serve. Nurses are the linchpins of so many services provided throughout the organization, and the responsibilities they carry are vast. The nursing profession, established in the 1800s, emerged from wartime demands to care for the injured. Since that time, the profession has grown into a highly trained workforce of over three million nationally with a wide range of roles in an array of settings.

Boundless has had the leadership of nurses at its intermediate care facilities, supported living, community-based behavioral health, psychiatry, and respite programs for years. Nurses at these sites guide critical functions such as providing direct care, managing emergencies, administering medications, checking patient vitals, and coordinating with a number of physicians and other key providers. Most critically, Boundless nurses are recognized for forming trusting relationships with patients and their families, paving the way for optimal health outcomes.

In 2021, the organization welcomed a new team of nurses at Boundless Health to launch the organization’s first primary care program. Small but mighty, the team established workflows to support the provision of vaccinations, blood draws, point of care tests, and even ECGs onsite. Early achievements include drawing blood from patients who, in the past, were unable to provide specimens sometimes for years due to challenges that came up during previous lab visits.

The compassion and patience shown by Boundless nurses is truly inspiring. Their commitment to collaboration across disciplines and desire to provide the highest quality care to patients will continue to lead to strong outcomes for the individuals we serve. During this National Nursing Week, we want to thank our nurses for all that they do! If you do not know much about their role, consider taking a few minutes to ask them about what they do, their challenges, and the highlights of their position. I believe you will be inspired, too!

There are many ways to recognize the favorite nurses in your life. Please consider writing an encouraging card, providing a special meal, or perhaps giving a gift certificate for a massage. At the very least, please say thank you the next time you see them.

Anna Wuerth is the executive director of Boundless Health.

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