Center-Based Programs
for Youth With Autism

Our center-based programs provide interdisciplinary, evidence-based treatment to youth with autism. Our professional team of intervention specialists lead a wide range of students through an integrated behavioral and educational curriculum, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.




Behavioral Health
Speech Therapy
Youth Programs
Applied Behavior Analysis

ABOUT OUR Center-Based Programs

Each of our center-based programs is committed to supporting students in the least restrictive environment possible, while ensuring educational and treatment gains. Programs are rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and are designed and led by board-certified behavior analysts, or a student pursuing board certification. Customizable curriculums can include development in the areas of communication, academic skills, daily living skills, pre-vocational opportunities, community integration, toilet training, and the reduction of problem behavior. Our goal is the reintegration of the student back into their home school district. This eventual transition is planned from enrollment and assessed at every review meeting.

Behavior Analytic Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the basis of all treatment and education methods within center-based services. The board-certified behavior analysts develop appropriate protocols of implementation, creating manageable data collection methods, and supervising implementation by frontline staff to ensure treatment is cohesive and that our students are achieving intended outcomes.

Behavioral Health Services

Each of our students will benefit from access to center-based clinicians who lead the behavioral health services within the center’s day program. All of our center-based clinician are social workers licensed by the state of Ohio. Their primary responsibilities include assessing the mental health needs of each student and developing comprehensive, individualized plans of care to address complex needs and that restore social skills and daily functioning. Our clinicians help support family members by providing counseling and parent training for disruptive behavior, offering case management support, and acting as a liaison between Boundless and home.

Educational Services

Educational Services are provided by an intervention specialist or a general education teacher supervised by an intervention specialist. These teachers work collaboratively as part of our agency’s multidisciplinary team to increase our students’ academic, communication, daily living, vocational, and recreational skills, as well as their overall independence. Students in our programs enjoy access to educational services through their educational funder — either their District of Residence or parents who have opted to utilize the Autism Scholarship Program. Academic interventions may include skill repetition and generalization opportunities, monitoring and reporting progress towards the student’s Individual Education Plan, planning and implementing lessons for daily instruction, and, when required, administering state testing.

Our students work off the extended content standards as outlined in their program and all students receive a grade card biannually (semester basis) to assist with tracking completion of course requirements. The high school program has been designed to meet the Ohio Department of Education’s requirements for graduation. Transcripts can be provided to parents or districts as necessary to show these requirements have been met.

High school-aged students have two options for earning a diploma. If the student participates in the Autism Scholarship Program, the parents can submit the gradecards and transcript to their district to be awarded a home school diploma. Students placed by their school district can receive a diploma through their district.

Other Services

  • Social skills development using a combination of stories, modeling, and role play
  • Ongoing assessment and instruction by intervention specialists and/or general education teachers capable of administering state testing
  • Access to licensed social workers whose primary functions are to assess the mental health needs of each student and develop comprehensive, individualized plans of care to address complex needs, and restore social skills and daily functioning. In addition, they support the family unit by providing
  • Counseling and parent training for disruptive behavior
  • Care coordination support
  • Day treatment for people who have co-occurring autism and behavioral health needs. These special treatments help address complex needs by providing behavioral interventions using evidence-based techniques to develop and restore social skills and daily functioning
  • Adaptive-skill building
  • Problem-behavior reduction

Reciprocal Imitation Training (RIT)

Boundless is proud to offer Reciprocal Imitation Training (RIT) as part of our regular curriculum. RIT is an evidence-based program to teach imitation and other early social communication skills to young children with autism within a play-based context.

RIT combines evidence-based strategies from multiple approaches into a single program.

  • Developmental strategies, such as those used in the P.L.A.Y. Project
  • Behavioral strategies, such as those used in ABA
  • Teaching within natural settings, such as play and daily routines

Parents interested in using RIT strategies at home with their child will receive a manual that includes detailed descriptions and examples and one-on-one coaching to implement the RIT strategies.


Speech and Language Therapy

Our students receive innovative speech and language therapy from a state-licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP). Our SLPs provide person-centered, evidence-based therapy — as well as intervention services and speech and language education for families.

Services include:

  • Evaluation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, and social communication deficits
  • Augmentative and alternative communications (AAC) therapy

Speech and language therapy sessions are conducted one-on-one and frequently in a classroom setting. Our speech and language team collaborates with other staff members and parents to encourage carryover skills that drive meaningful improvements. 

County-specific Programs

Franklin County Programs

Stepping Forward

Our Stepping Forward program focuses on building a seamless pathway to supported employment and community living. The program enhances life skill development, academics, and community inclusion while decreasing the dependency on adult support. Students in the Stepping Forward program range from school age to early adulthood and are divided by age and grade within the different classrooms.

Social Opportunity & Academic Readiness (SOAR)

SOAR develops academic, social, and vocational skills within a group structure for eventual transition to a less restrictive educational setting or move to supportive employment. Each student has access to the traditional educational teaching standards focusing on increasing reading comprehension, applying math concepts, and acquiring science and social studies content through projects and thematic activities. Students in the SOAR program range from preschool age to early adulthood and are divided by age and grade within the different classrooms.

Stepping Up

Our Stepping Up program helps school-aged students return to stable functioning and learning environments within a less restrictive setting. Targeted outcomes include an eighty percent reduction in aggression, self-injury, and other disruptive behavior in addition to an eighty percent increase in functional replacement behaviors and coping strategies. Due to the severity of challenging behavior, students will be staffed appropriately to maintain health and safety for all.

Early Language Models (ELM)

ELM supports students with autism who are early identified. Each student receives targeted instruction that recognize their developmental level and areas of deficits, while also focusing on long-term outcomes. Quality early intervention services can change a student’s developmental trajectory and improve outcomes. ELM supports students in need of either intensive services or less intensive services within a group setting.

Licking County Program

The Boundless Newark center-based program serves students from preschool through early adulthood who require intensive services or less intensive services in a small group setting.

Our curriculum emphasizes communication skills, play and leisure skills, daily living skills, independent work skills, reading comprehension, and applied math concepts. Students are also exposed to science and social studies content through projects and thematic activities. Each classroom has a special focus: preparing for post-secondary independence, developing functional skills, and general academic skills in a group setting.

All students receive bi-annual grade cards and quarterly progress reports. High school students receive a transcript of their coursework. Limited space is available for students who require intensive behavioral intervention prior to joining peers in a group environment.

Montgomery County Program

More information coming soon!

What makes us stand out?

We are the only organization in Ohio with both CQL and CARF accreditation. Our commitment to love, excellence, respect, and well-being shines through in everything we do.

How are these programs accessed?

  • Boundless partners with several school districts to provide services at our Worthington and Newark campuses, as well as in the classroom at select schools.
  • Boundless can accept funding for this program through the Autism Scholarship Program, Medicaid, and through contracts with school districts.
  • For intake information call 1.800.409.2729.

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