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Christopher Daughtery

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Christopher Daughtery

Christopher is a registered nurse, a board-certified family nurse practitioner, and a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner. He has had over twelve years of experience in nursing and eight years in the field as a nurse practitioner. He has provided care to individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as to patients who have different conditions, such as autism and other developmental disorders. His experience caring for adult cancer patients sparked his interest in mental health. Christopher would find himself providing ongoing support and guidance as he listened to his patients and how their cancer had taken a mental toll. This led him to develop a further interest in mental health and behavior health. Christopher provides medication management and psychotherapy and encourages the integration of non-pharmacological therapies that include art, music, and yoga. He enjoys spending time with his family and dog, snow skiing, listening to music, and practicing yoga in his free time.
Christopher is a graduate of Otterbein University, the University of Cincinnati, and The Ohio State University.

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