Boundless Campus Progresses

Mapping is Underway

The Master planning process continues

The Boundless leadership team is committed to creating a campus home to a best-in-class facility for the treatment of children and youth with autism — one designed from foundation to roof to complement our extraordinary Boundless Behavioral Health team and their innovative, life-changing programs. That is just one element of providing a center of excellence for the people we serve.

To achieve that goal, Boundless began a master planning process in 2018 to optimize the 45-acre campus while honoring the heritage and natural beauty of the location and surroundings. We’ve heard many great ideas from our staff, parents, volunteers and the community that have inspired our thinking.

As announced in September, we selected Worthington City Schools and National Church Residences as potential development partners based on their shared vision of service to the Worthington community.

While still early in the master planning process, the community response has been very positive as the multi-generational campus concept begins to take more shape.

What is There and What Could Be

You may begin to see movement throughout the campus while various technical experts —such as engineers and land surveyors—evaluate existing conditions to inform the proposed campus design concept. They will install stakes and other markers to identify utility, sewer and water lines, for example.

This process will help planners visualize possible building placement and inform where infrastructure improvements could be placed. We are still in the idea-generation and fundraising stages, however, so actual construction is still quite some time ahead.

We will be offering tours of the site during the next several weeks.  Watch for your emailed invitation to arrive soon.

Make a gift

Boundless is a private nonprofit. Your generosity fuels our mission and propels us toward our vision of a world which realizes the full potential of all people.