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The Boundless early identification clinic

Child sitting and talking with care provider.

What is the Boundless early identification clinic?

Our early identification clinic helps identify children under six with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays, such as speech, motor, and cognitive delays. A multi-disciplinary team of Boundless clinicians assesses your loved one and works together to identify the support and services necessary for them to thrive.

What are the signs of autism?

The autism spectrum is broad and symptoms vary. In young children or toddlers, frequent signs of autism include talking or babbling in an unusual tone, carrying objects for an extended period, and increased sensory sensitivity. Children with autism between the ages of one and two may not point or use common gestures, make eye contact, respond to their name, or say their first words.

What to expect at the clinic?

Our goal is to provide your loved one a fast but thorough evaluation in a stress-free environment. Patients are invited to our Worthington Campus for a five-hour session with a short break between assessments. This allows ample time to complete a comprehensive evaluation involving all of our different specialties and offer thoughtful impressions.

Your appointment at our early identification clinic begins with a speech/language evaluation, followed by an assessment of your child’s need for psychiatry, and a broad review for autistic features. At the end of your appointment, our team will provide feedback as to whether your child meets the criteria for autism spectrum disorder or other diagnoses.

Is the early identification clinic right for my loved one?

Research has consistently shown that early intervention can lead to positive outcomes for people with autism and other behavioral health challenges. If your child or loved one shows any early signs of autism, contact your pediatrician or one of our intake counselors to discuss an assessment.

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