The Unforgettable Marty Forquer

“If you mention the names of your kids, siblings, parents, or third cousins, Marty will remember and ask you about them later.”

Marty Forquer is unforgettable.

And not just because she makes an impression, but because Marty never forgets. She has an astounding ability to effortlessly recall the name of anyone she has met, along with the names of their children and their children’s pets.

Marty has always been like that. She has an uncanny memory for people and dates. When she meets someone, she asks question after question after question and absorbs every last detail. When you visit Marty again, she’ll pick up the conversation without missing a beat.

“Marty knows the birthdays of our entire family – she keeps it in her head,” says Bill. “If you mention the names of your kids, siblings, parents, or third cousins, Marty will remember and ask you about them later. I know she’s like this with the family, and I’m sure she treats her caregivers the exact same way.”

He smiles at the memory of a recent birthday party for their father. One of Bill’s sons brought a friend to the gathering and the young woman met Marty for the first time. “Marty grilled her,” Bill laughs. “She had to get all the lowdown.”

Sometimes Marty needs prompting to meet a stranger for the first time, but once she truly meets you, you – and your entire family history – hold a special place in her mind and heart.

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