The Magnificent Glenn Woodward

“He’ d stand with his thumb and index finger pointing at bad guys, making the world a safer place for those who needed defending..”

by Bob Woodward

My brother, Glenn, was a truly exceptional person.

He loved people and animals and life in general.  When he was young, one of his doctors told my parents there was no reason Glenn should have any stress and that’s how he lived – enjoying a stress-free life.

Anytime Glenn was near a baby, or a puppy or a kitten, he was happy.  He held my kids and grandkids and rocked with them for hours and hours.  He adored the pets we grew up with.

It’s no surprise, probably, that Glenn idolized old school cowboys from old Western movies.  The adventures of Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy delighted him, but his favorite was the Lone Ranger.  I think his favorite piece of music might have been the William Tell Overture because that was the theme song to the Lone Ranger.   He’d stand with his thumb and index finger pointing at bad guys, making the world a safer place for those who needed defending.

Glenn had an determined, independent streak – there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do once he set his mind to it and he didn’t want help from anyone else.  When we were kids, he taught himself how to tie his shoelaces.  I don’t know how many knots our poor mother had to untie as Glenn worked through the process on his own, but eventually he figured it out.  No one else in the world tied shoes like Glenn did, but he figured out his own way and it worked for him.

We lost Glenn in December of 2015.  At his funeral, as the service ended and we carried his casket out, we played the William Tell Overture in tribute to Glenn.  It seemed the only right way to honor him in that moment.  This picture is very special to me because it shows the two of us leaning on each other which is exactly how we got through life.

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