The GLOW Foundation’s Generosity Shines Bright at Boundless ICFs

The Boundless Board and the GLOW Foundation partnered to make this exciting renovation possible.

Bob Woodward and Tiffany Thompson of the GLOW Foundation; Boundless Board of Trustees; completed kitchen renovations

Thanks to a significant donation from the GLOW Foundation, residents of four Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) at I Am Boundless, Inc., now enjoy newly renovated kitchens.

“Our ICFs were first built nearly four decades ago and needed an update. The GLOW Foundation made that update possible, and the results are gorgeous,” said Jodi Bopp, vice president, advancement.

Each ICF is home to twelve people with an intellectual or developmental disability. Every resident enjoys a private bedroom and bathroom and shares a common living room and kitchen. Like most homes, the kitchen is truly the heart of most activities and receives daily use.

In 2018, the Boundless Board of Trustees selected the ICF kitchen renovations as one of their philanthropic projects for 2019. Every member of the board contributed to the undertaking, with the GLOW Foundation providing a generous gift of $125,000 to ensure its timely completion. The father-daughter team of Bob Woodward and Tiffany Thompson serve as both GLOW Foundation trustees as well as Boundless board members.

Following the renovations, the four kitchens feature a more open floor plan, enabling ease of movement through the room for those who use wheelchairs, while a modern grey and white color scheme complements new appliances and fixtures. “The changes are remarkable,” said Melinda DelFratte, director of community living services. “With the updates, both residents and staff have greater mobility through the space as well as more attractive aesthetics.”

The GLOW Foundation has a longstanding personal relationship with Boundless. Bob’s parents, Tiffany’s grandparents, both served on the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and were instrumental in helping launch Franklin County Residential Services, the legacy organization for Boundless. Bob’s brother, Glen Woodward, lived at one of the ICFs for many years. The GLOW Foundation is named for Glen.

“The generosity of the GLOW Foundation to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is, well, boundless,” says Bopp. “The positive impact they’ve made is enormous. Their support of the kitchen project is just the latest in a long line of family volunteerism and philanthropy, and for that, we are very grateful.”

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