The End of the Beginning

Dear Boundless, 

I’ve been thinking about Winston Churchill’s quote, recently used by Governor DeWine: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  

For me, the beginning of our current situation was somewhere in early March when I really started hearing about this thing called COVID-19. Then March 19 arrived, with a flurry of unwelcome activity: shutting down programs, sending staff home to work, developing a “bunker” mentality to manage moment-by-moment activities. I’m grateful those days are behind us, and I’m so proud of how everyone pulled together in those fearful and frightening first days.  

We’ve made it to May 1 because of the decisions we made in those early hours. So many have worked so hard to keep the people we serve – and each other – safe from the virus. Our efforts have paid untold dividends in good health and safety. Along the way, we took advantage of opportunities. We figured out new ways to provide services, to get our work done, and to accomplish our day-to-day activities    

So now we come to the end of the beginning and, with it, the beginning of the middle. The middle is where we, as an organization, will make thoughtful decisions about how we move into our new normal. We already know:    

  • We won’t rush to open up programs just because we can. Right now, we’re staying the course until we know it’s safe to make any changes  
  • We’re continuing to keep visitors away from our facilities as much as possible. Other than interviewees, people coming to the behavioral health clinic, and delivery persons to office buildings, we’ve prohibited visitors. We will continue to do so until we believe visiting is safe for both the people we serve and the staff who provide the services  
  • Staff who work from home will continue to work from home, likely until at least the end of May. While we sent staff home to work practically overnight, we’ll take our time and be sure to give plenty of notice and plenty of safety protocols and procedures before anyone returns to an office  

Over the next thirty to forty-five days, we’ll make decisions about what our new normal looks like at Boundless. We will share with you with as much notice as possible so you can be prepared, ask questions, and provide feedback where needed. We’ll live in this “middle” time for many months, I believe, and will continue to adjust and find opportunities along the way.  

And when the end comes – marked by widespread access to testing and/or treatment – I’m sure I will look back on this “middle” time with even more pride than I do today. Pride in all the amazing care you’re providing. Pride in the creativity you’re bringing to this new normal. Pride in being a member of such a talented, caring community of professionals.  

Be safe, everyone.   

Patrick Maynard, PhD
President and CEO
I Am Boundless, Inc.