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General COVID-19 Response Information 

Q: Should I continue to work during the pandemic?

A: Yes, unless you are sick. Some staff can and are working remotely, while others provide critical functions to the individuals we serve and need to continue to work from a specific location.

Q: What symptoms should I be looking for?  

A: Symptoms to monitor include:

  • a temperature of 100.4 or higher
  • cough, shortness of breath, or other lower respiratory symptoms, such as chest tightness or wheezing upon exhaling, that is new and not part of a chronic health condition, such as COPD or emphysema
  • Sore throat
  • loss of taste or smell
  • nasal congestion
  • headache
  • body ache
  • new or worsening fatigue
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
Q: What if I get coronavirus?

A: The policy on sick time hasn’t substantially changed due to the Coronavirus epidemic. If you are sick, you should follow established procedures for using PTO. You should also follow your physician’s orders and/or the CDC’s guidelines for care.

We are temporarily waiving the timing requirements to request PTO because of the current situation. We ask that you notify your supervisor immediately if you need to take time off.

Q: What if a member of my household has coronavirus or I am exposed to someone at work or in the community who has coronavirus?

The exposed employee must remain in quarantine and follow the directive provided by the state or local Health Department or physician quarantine order. In the absence of such an order, the employee may use the guidelines below to determine when the employee may return to work.

If you are currently not symptomatic and don’t become symptomatic during the exposure quarantine:  

  • You must remain quarantined for ten days and continually monitor symptoms. After return, you must wear a mask, eyewear, and monitor for symptoms at all times per Boundless policy and procedure.  
  • If you obtain a COVID test after five days and the test is negative, you may end quarantine after seven days. After return, you must wear a mask, eyewear, and monitor for symptoms at all times per Boundless policy and procedure.    

As a reminder, if you are currently symptomatic or become symptomatic during the exposure quarantine, you must remain away from work and follow the ten-day rule. You may return after all three are true: 

  1. no fever for twenty-four hours without the use of fever medication  
  2. your symptoms have all improved  
  3. ten days have passed since your symptoms first appeared 
Q: When can I return to work if I had coronavirus?

A: People with COVID-19 who have stayed home (home isolated) can stop home isolation under the following conditions:

If you have not been tested to determine if you are still contagious, you can leave home after these three things have ALL happened:

  • You have had no fever for at least seventy-two hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers).  
  • Your other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath has improved).  
  • At least ten days have passed since your symptoms first appeared.  

If you have been tested to determine if you are still contagious, you can leave home after these three things have ALL happened:  

  • You no longer have a fever (without the use of medicine that reduces fevers).  
  • Your other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath has improved).  
  • You received two negative tests in a row, twenty-four hours apart.
Q: What about Family Medical Leave?  

A: If you are away from work for three days or more because you are experiencing symptoms, or your spouse/child/parent is experiencing symptoms, you may apply for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If your doctor certifies the leave as a serious health condition under FMLA, your absence will be protected under FMLA. Given how busy health care provider offices and medical facilities are, you will have thirty days to provide this documentation rather than the fifteen days typically required by law.

Q: What if I have an underlying medical issue?  

A: If you have any underlying medical issues and your doctor requires you to remain home, please provide us with documentation. If reviewed and approved, you may be able to work from home. If you cannot work remotely, you can utilize accrued PTO to continue to be paid. If you do not have PTO to cover your absence, you may be granted unpaid leave.

Q: What if I have no PTO?

A: If you test positive for the Coronavirus or need to stay home due to a Coronavirus related reason and have no PTO, you may be eligible for unpaid leave. Please talk to your supervisor or Human Resources as soon as possible. If you are granted unpaid leave under any of the above circumstances or FMLA, your benefits will be continued for twelve weeks, and you will not be subject to any corrective action.

If you would like to access the PTO donation pool, please contact our HR team at

Q: Can I donate PTO to a coworker?

Boundless employees now have the option to donate accrued PTO hours to their eligible co-workers who are away from work due to a positive COVID-19 test. The new donation program is anonymous and completely voluntary.

  • Employees are eligible to receive donated PTO if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and as a result have depleted all of their available PTO.
  • Employees receiving short- or long-term disability benefits in connection with COVID-19 are ineligible to participate in this program.
  • Recipients can receive a maximum of 160 hours of donated PTO from the pool.
  • Donations can be made in one-hour increments up to a maximum of eighty hours in a given calendar year.
  • Employees cannot donate more than fifty percent of their PTO balance and must maintain a balance of at least twenty-four hours after the donation.

If you would like to make a donation to the PTO pool, you may do so by visiting this link.

Q. What if I can’t come to work because of childcare issues?

A. Inform your direct supervisor that you need to stay home to care for your child(ren). You can be paid from PTO and may be approved for unpaid leave upon the exhaustion of PTO. This is the normal process even in these heightened circumstances. Your direct supervisor and HR will work with you regarding any request for unpaid leave.

Q. What if I don’t feel comfortable coming to work?

A. You will need to request leave. Any such request is subject to approval by your manager. If approved, you will be paid from PTO and may be approved for unpaid leave upon exhaustion of PTO. Your direct supervisor and HR will work with you regarding any request for unpaid leave.

Q. Will approved unpaid leave impact unemployment?

A. No – if you are placed on an approved unpaid leave, you may apply for unemployment compensation with the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services. Do understand that the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services makes final determinations about unemployment benefits. We cannot guarantee approval but would not oppose anyone’s request if on an approved unpaid leave.

Q. Will approved unpaid leave impact benefits?

A. No – if you are granted an approved unpaid leave, we can maintain your benefits with Boundless for twelve weeks.

Q. Will approved unpaid leave cause me to be disciplined?

A. No – if your leave (paid or unpaid) is approved, you will not be subject to any corrective action.

Q. What if I don’t want to use my PTO? Can I save it for use later this year?

A. If you request leave, you must use PTO as is the usual procedure. If you have no PTO or exhaust your PTO, you may be approved for unpaid leave. You will work with your direct supervisor and HR regarding a request for unpaid leave.

Q. What if I have an existing health issue that looks like coronavirus?

A. If you have a previously documented health issue with similar symptoms to COVID-19 and you have been cleared to work by a physician, you should provide us with that documentation from your doctor and continue reporting to work.

Q. What does the stay-at-home order mean for me?

A. You are an essential employee of Boundless, and Boundless operates in an essential industry providing critical services. Because of this, the stay-at-home order doesn’t apply to your employment. For that reason, we prepared a letter for you to use in case anyone in authority questions why you are out. Please either carry a physical copy with you OR be prepared to show an electronic copy on your phone or tablet at all times.

As we continue to provide services and have staff report to work, Boundless is responsible for trying to create a work environment that avoids close contact between people for more than a few moments at a time. Even at work, you should do your best to practice social distancing, use universal precautions whenever possible, and always maintain a clean and sanitized work environment.

Q. How does the Families First Coronavirus Response Act apply to me?

A. The Family First Coronavirus Response Act does not apply to Boundless. It was designed for organizations much smaller than Boundless and only applies to organizations with an employee count of 500 or less. The act helps smaller agencies, as many of those agencies are not able to provide benefits like PTO. Fortunately, Boundless has been able to provide benefits and PTO for our team members for many years.

Q. What if a member of my household has symptoms of coronavirus but has not been tested, or has symptoms and is waiting on test results?

A: If a member of your household has coronavirus symptoms but has not been tested, or has been tested but has not received test results, follow ODH recommendations for universal precautions and social distancing within your home. Notify your supervisor immediately if you need to take time off. You can continue working if you are not experiencing symptoms. Should you develop symptoms, you may return to work when you are fever/symptom free for 72 hours or have received negative test results.

Q: My current daycare became licensed to care for children of essential workers. How do I provide the paperwork they need to have uninterrupted daycare?

A: Based on our research, you’ll need four (4) things:

  1. Complete the Pandemic Child Care Center Enrollment Addendum form. A link to a fillable PDF is available HERE.
  2. Complete the Child Enrollment and Health Information form. A link to a fillable PDF is available HERE. 
  3. A letter from Boundless stating that your job qualifies as providing essential services. A printable/downloadable copy of that letter is available HERE.
  4. Pay stubs from ADP to prove proof of current employment. To help, HR has provided two instructional documents for how to access pay stubs through ADP. Go HERE and HERE.

Links to these documents are available at

Q: My current daycare may be closing. How can I find new daycare?

A: The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has a list of available daycares throughout the state that have obtained licenses to care for children of essential staff members. You can find the list HERE. We will update this list frequently as we identify additional providers. Please reach out to the daycare nearest you quickly.

Q. What if I still cannot find childcare?

A. If those options do not satisfy your needs, inform your direct supervisor that you need to stay home to care for your child(ren). Your supervisor will work with you first to determine if an alternative schedule may be available. If an alternative doesn’t exist, you will need to request leave. If approved, you can be paid from PTO and may be approved for unpaid leave upon the exhaustion of PTO. This is the normal process even in these heightened circumstances. Your direct supervisor and HR will work with you regarding any request for unpaid leave.

Q. What is the Boundless COVID-19 screening tool?

A. If you are reporting to a Boundless location or in contact with an individual served by Boundless, you are required to complete the screening tool before starting work. The screening tool helps us determine possible cases of COVID-19. You can access the tool by visiting

Frontline Staff

Q. What is Boundless doing to ensure PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is available?

A. As you know by watching the daily news, the U.S. has a shortage of PPE, and these shortages will prevent us from distributing PPE immediately. This shortage could create gaps in the near-term future. We understand this is imperfect and share your frustration. Boundless is working tirelessly to provide what is necessary for our staff to work safely. We are now importing directly from international agencies and are having PPE sent directly from the manufacturers. We are also actively developing a system for managing inventory and ongoing ordering. Upon receipt of PPE, we will schedule distribution for those in need. This is a time-consuming process. We cannot promise when the items will be delivered but are doing everything possible and believe the steps we’re taking will yield results faster than many.

Protective Personal Equipment and Masks

Q. What is PPE?
A. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE could be anything designed to protect the wearer from injury or infection in the work setting.
Q. Is Boundless supplying PPE to all staff?
A. PPE is only to be used when it is necessary as an infection control method to protect workers from exposure. Boundless will provide PPE when contact or aerosol isolation is ordered on an individual served. Reusable masks are provided.
Q. What has Boundless done to secure PPE?
A. Several Boundless team members started sourcing PPE and cleaning supplies in the early days of the pandemic. We’ve scoured all types of suppliers and added our names to lists for donated products as well as products for purchase. Everyone pitched in to find reputable suppliers who could deliver quality products. At this same time we were purchasing PPE, we also started asking for donations. We reached out to the greater community for assistance with donated homemade cloth masks. One Facebook post asking for masks was shared over 100 times and reached 9,000 people worldwide. We’re also applying for grants to cover the unexpected cost of what we’ve purchased, now measuring tens of thousands of dollars.
Q. What have we ordered?
A. We’ve ordered cleaning supplies, medical-grade masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, thermometers, gowns, surgical goggles, sanitation supplies, spit shields, no-touch trash cans, and cloth masks.
Q. What PPE has been distributed?
A. All essential staff should have access to cleaning supplies and should be using those supplies – along with frequent hand-washing – to protect against the virus entering a home. We have already distributed several hundred homemade cloth masks to essential staff. Thanks to our team of volunteers, additional masks arrive every week and will be distributed upon arrival. Thermometers and surgical goggles have just arrived and will be distributed.
Q. How is PPE distributed?
A. The Boundless department directors and regional directors have developed priority lists for how to distribute PPE upon arrival. This list is based on the assumption that no one we serve has tested positive for COVID-19.
Q. If someone Boundless serves tests positive for COVID-19, what additional PPE will be provided?
A. If someone Boundless serves tests positive for COVID-19, PPE will be provided to the essential staff providing services. At that time, staff will receive additional training on how to properly wear, use, and discard the equipment to ensure maximum safety. Boundless has already received medical-grade PPE and is packaging it into safety packs to distribute to staff if/when needed.
Q. How do I get PPE if I don’t have any at the location where I work?

A. Please submit a work order through Upkeep. All supply orders must contain specific location information, not just department information, for proper accounting.


Q: What’s the new expectation for PPE regarding masks?

All staff need to wear a KN95 mask while workingBoundless will supply KN95 masks and they must be available at every locationStaff will be provided a new mask when they clock in/arrive to work and dispose of that mask at the end of their shiftIf the mask gets soiled during the shift, a new mask should be immediately provided, and the soiled mask thrown away. 


Q: Where are masks located?

Masks are available at every property/siteYour supervisor should let you know where masks are locatedIf supplies are low, please notify your supervisor immediatelySupervisors and managers should order more mask supplies using the UpKeep app. 


Q: Can I wear a cloth mask?

We recommend you wear a cloth mask in your personal time to be in compliance with local ordinances, but you must wear a paper/surgical mask while at work. 


Q: What is the new guideline about eye coverings?

All staff classified as essential AND all staff who are in the presence of the people we serve, or are in the presence of other employees  even for a short amount of time – must wear an eye covering while at work. 


Q: Am I responsible for the eye covering once it’s provided to me?

YesAll eye coverings should be cleaned with any standard disinfectant at the end of every shift or as needed. Staff are responsible for maintaining their eye covering and remembering to bring it to work. 


Q: What’s an acceptable eye covering?

Staff has three choices for eye coverings:   

  • Face shields – secured like a visor around the head/face 
  • Goggles – covers the eye and secured with an elastic band around the head 
  • Safety glasses – fits on the face by resting on the ears (just like regular glasses)We have two models of glasses:  Regular and OversizeThe Oversize fit over standard prescription glasses. 


Q: How do I get my eye covering?

Supervisors, managers and directors should be ordering eye coverings for team members via UpKeepStaff should speak to their supervisor right away about which eye covering you prefer to use 

Q: So, to be clear, as a front-line staff member, I’m expected to wear both an eye covering and a paper/surgical mask?


Q: What happens if I don’t wear my mask and/or eye covering?

Disciplinary action can be taken if staff fail to wear appropriate PPE, including eye covering and masksThere will be a “ramp up” period as we’re distributing appropriate PPE for the next thirty days, but after initial supplies have been distributed, staff can be disciplined for not wearing the appropriate PPE. 

Q: Can I wear my regular glasses instead of safety glasses? I have prescription glasses.

NoIf you happen to have prescription safety goggles, you may wear thoseOtherwise, you need to wear either a face shield, goggles, or oversize safety glasses that fit over your prescription glasses. 

Q: Are there any exceptions to this rule?

If you are working from home, you do not have to wear PPEIf you are alone in an office with the door closed, you don’t have to wear masks and face coveringsOtherwise, all staff must wear appropriate masks and eye coverings.  

Q: Why the new PPE?

CDC guidelines show that staff wearing both eye covering and nose/mouth coverings are less likely to contract COVID-19, even if there is an exposureIf all staff are wearing proper PPE, even if one staff member becomes ill, it is less likely fellow staff will become ill as well  

Q: I work in an office and never interact with the people we serve. Although I don’t have to wear eye coverings when I come to work, I’d like to wear it as it makes me feel safer. Can I get eye coverings?

Of courseSimply complete the form on UpKeep or ask your supervisor to complete the form and either a face shield, goggles or safety glasses will be delivered to you. 

Q. What if I’m outside?

The policy is still in effect, whether you’re enjoying an outdoor visit with a person served or you’re taking a walk on your lunch break with a coworker.  Mask wearing is still required.

Q. What if I’m in a home but the person I’m serving is asleep in the other room?

For the health and safety of the people we serve and fellow coworkers, you are still required to wear a mask.

Q. I get severe claustrophobia wearing a mask. Do I still have to wear a mask?

You do need to wear a face-covering but if mask-wearing is problematic, there are options.  Please contact HR Director Matt Hobbs and alternative face coverings will be provided. 

Q. How will new hires get masks?

New staff will be provided masks upon hire by the HR team.

Q. How many weeks/months will I have to wear a mask when I’m at work?

All staff will be required to wear masks or other face coverings while at work until it is safe to stop.  Boundless pays close attention to the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the Ohio Department of Health.  When it’s safe to come to work without a mask or other face covering, we’ll let everyone know right away.

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