Youth Summer Programs

What are the Boundless Youth summer programs?

I Am Boundless, Inc. offer summer programs for individuals with complex needs associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or behavioral health challenges at both our Worthington and Newark campuses.

Extended School Year (Newark and Worthington Campus)

Near the first of the year, I Am Boundless staff will start working with families and guardians to discuss treatment needs after the regular school year ends. Social workers in our Center-Based Programs will help connect families and guardians to funding options that will support this level of programming.

Summer Day Camp (Worthington)

I Am Boundless offers a weekly summer day camp open to all children in our community. Each week of camp has a new theme and is designed to promote socialization, peer engagement, and encourage lifelong friendships. Campers will have the opportunity to enjoy our forty-five-acre campus and take part in a variety of field trips exploring nature, music, yoga, dance, water activities and more. Enrollment is open to the community including children who do not access Boundless during the normal school year.

What makes Boundless stand out?

We are the only organization in Ohio with both CQL and CARF accreditation. Our commitment to love, excellence, respect, and well-being shines through in everything we do.

We are so grateful for all the wonderful staff at Boundless.  They truly go above and beyond every single day.  Our son has had the good fortune of learning from numerous talented and compassionate teachers and staff members.  Their passion for their work is evident and our son has benefitted so much and make such tremendous gains.  We can’t imagine him anywhere else! Rebecca Murchland


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