When Boundless welcomed the New Year on January 1st, they also welcomed Step by Step Academy under the Boundless name. Boundless, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization with with more than 30 years of excellence serving over 1600 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Franklin County, Ohio, acquired Step by Step Academy, an organization specializing in behavioral health treatment services for children and youth with Autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities, in the late Spring of 2017.

Step by Step Academy Services Under the Boundless Name

With Step by Step Academy Services under the Boundless name, Boundless continues to establish itself as an integrated health and wellness provider – where people served and their families can experience improved services through enhanced teamwork between the different professional disciplines involved in their care.  

Step by Step Academy, now known as Boundless’ Behavioral Health Division, offers School-Based, Center-Based Autism and Outpatient  Programs.  Under the School-Based Services, families can access Diagnostic and Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Analysis and Intervention, Day Treatment, Case Management, Counseling, Consultation and Educational Support.

With Center-Based Autism Services located at our Worthington and Newark (Ohio) Campuses, families can receive the majority of the services offered above with the addition of Educational Support and Speech Therapy.  Center-Based Autism Services uses evidence-based treatment for youth with Autism.  The Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) program curriculum includes communication and social skills instruction embedded directly into the student’s day, incorporating instruction that is designed to improve both pre-academic and academic skills.

Outpatient Services has recently relocated to Building B, at the entrance of our Worthington Campus.  Boundless continues to offer Psychiatry, Counseling, Case Management, Psychological Testing, Day Treatment and Diagnostic Assessment.  These services are provided for a diverse range of behavioral health concerns.  Programs are specialized in serving children, adolescents, and adults with a co-occurring behavioral health diagnosis, developmental disability or autism.  These individualized services focus on the person’s abilities, decreasing the impact of their symptoms on daily functioning, and increasing their independence.

New for 2018

New for 2018 will be the addition of the Physical Health Division under Boundless.  To be located on the Worthington campus, Boundless seeks to offer primary care and dental services as part of their integrated health and wellness initiative.   

In September of 2017, Boundless partnered with Streamline Healthcare Solutions, selecting their SmartCare product, a robust Electronic Health Record (EHR) designed to handle the capacity for multiple program/services needs.  

“In our search for the right EHR system, conducting the comparisons were both extensive and exhausting. A few of our goals were to become a paperless organization as well as implement a centralized electronic access point to clinical information.  We chose Streamline (SmartCare) over other EHR systems because it fulfills those goals among others and provides the flexibility we need to fit all of our current and future needs.” – Tamika Bailey, Director, Information Technology, Boundless

Boundless is proud to share its brand with Step by Step Academy services.  Together they will continue to strive towards Boundless’ vision of a world that realizes the full potential of all people.