What is Spire Arts?
Spire Arts is a vocational art program that provides person-centered care for adults with developmental disabilities who wish to create, explore, and sell art while developing job skills. Adults receiving services on our West Carrollton campus can participate in this unique program, one or two days a week.
How does it work?
Spire Arts offers participants the unique chance to create, explore, and sell their original art — all while developing job skills. In our dedicated arts studio, participants learn technique and history from instructors trained in a wide range of artistic disciplines, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, clay, and fiber arts. We connect participants with opportunities to display their work in the community, venues to sell their work, and outings that help them develop their craft.
What does Spire Arts offer?
  • Studio space to create and store art
  • A positive learning environment
  • Art supplies and materials
  • Staff support
  • Internet access and technology tools
  • Art exploration and education in a variety of mediums
  • Opportunities to sell artwork
  • Collaborations with other artists and programs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Art related outings
What makes us stand out?

We are the only organization in Ohio with both CQL and CARF accreditation. Our commitment to love, excellence, respect, and well-being shines through in everything we do.


How can I learn more?

To learn more about Spire Arts, you can contact us at 937-247-2400.