Executive Director
Patrick leading a board meeting
Patrick Maynard speaks to a crowd in front of the Medina campus

Patrick Maynard, PhD

President and CEO

Dr. Maynard is an expert in managing publicly funded services and a nationally recognized expert in championing a social-entrepreneurial model which encourages collaboration and drives continued improvement and service delivery to social service organizations.

Like many psychology graduates, Dr. Patrick Maynard assumed he’d spend his career helping people one at a time, likely by providing therapy in a one-on-one environment. But just as Patrick was launching his career, the movement to deinstitutionalize government-run mental health facilities was taking place across the country. He immediately recognized both the potential and the pitfalls of that movement on a large scale. And so, a lifelong passion was born.

What might have been a satisfying career serving individuals one at a time has instead turned into a rewarding and successful career creating systems which have a transformational impact on many people at once. Patrick is an expert in managing publicly funded services and is a nationally recognized authority in championing a social-entrepreneurial model that encourages collaboration and drives continuous improvement and service delivery to social service organizations. With more than three decades of service to people with complex needs, Patrick’s gift is creating order out of chaos and examining challenges from a macro perspective, all while keeping in mind the unique needs of the individual seeking services.

Patrick has a skill for taking struggling or stagnant nonprofit organizations and infusing them with new energy, growth, and sustainability. When Patrick first arrived at Boundless, the organization served only adults in a specific geographic location and had an annual budget of approximately $25-million. Fast-forward five years, Boundless is a $90-million family of nonprofit companies serving thousands of children and adults throughout Ohio with a wide range of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges.


A self-described natural optimist, Patrick’s biggest reward comes from seeing the positive impact on the people served by Boundless. One of his favorite stories is of a young man who came to Boundless with multiple needs, requiring round-the-clock care of many staff. A year later, that same young man attended a picnic with his family and was tearing up the dance floor in obvious joy. “That young man will stay in my memory forever,” says Patrick.

A native of Wooster, Ohio, Patrick graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, completed a master’s degree from Pepperdine University in community and clinical psychology. He completed a PhD at Ohio University in applied behavioral sciences and educational leadership while serving as superintendent of the Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities. In addition, Patrick completed post-doctoral work on organizational change and government affairs from The Kennedy School at Harvard University. He was named President & CEO of I Am Boundless, Inc., and the Boundless family of companies in 2015.