Introducing the Boundless Anonymous Reporting Line

Dear Boundless,

One of my most important roles is to create the best possible work environment for everyone on our team. I want Boundless to be considered a great place to work, with employees who are proud to work here, feel good about their jobs, and are highly productive.

Each one of us, regardless of our position, shares the responsibility for creating that environment. One way you can help is by bringing forward your concerns, questions, and suggestions to your supervisor. For times when you don’t feel comfortable using that method, we have recently launched the Boundless Anonymous Reporting Line, a phone- and web-based reporting system that is managed by an outside company. Think of it as another way to communicate your concerns confidentially and anonymously so that you can do your part to build communication and promote safety, security, and ethical behavior.

How does the system work?
You make a report with an independent firm called NAVEX Global. Boundless Corporate Compliance Officer will assign it to the appropriate person and follow up to make sure it’s being addressed.

Who should use it?
Everyone! It’s for all employees, individuals served, and members of the public. The system is available in many languages, via both the telephone and internet.

What is it for?
Use the system to express concerns, ask questions, and offer ideas. Whatever you need it for! Tell us what we’re doing right and what we need to work on. If you’d prefer, you can also remain anonymous!

How do I access it?
Call Toll-Free Hotline 1-844-913-0617 or go to and select “Make a Report.”

Whether you need to report misconduct or suggest improvements, we want to hear from you. You have my promise that all reports will be reviewed and responded to appropriately. I’ve made the following pledge and have asked Boundless managers to do the same: I value our team members. I value the communities we serve. I listen. I care.

Please remember that the reporting system is here to help you—to help all of us.


Patrick Maynard, PhD
President and CEO
I Am Boundless, Inc.