People Are Our Passion

For more than 30 years, Boundless has been providing valuable programs and services to thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities throughout Franklin County. A private, not-for-profit organization, Boundless offers unique residential and family support programs that are customized to meet the evolving needs of every individual.

Our innovative team-based approach to care recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and provides opportunities for them to become an integral part of their community. From residential options to employment assistance and social connections, Boundless celebrates each individual and the gifts they have to offer, and encourages them to become active participants in the neighborhoods where they live, work, and play.

We invite you to explore our new, redesigned website; learn more about our programs and services; and find out how you can help support our ongoing efforts to help those with developmental disabilities throughout our Central Ohio community succeed. Welcome!

Martin Yate's Story

Martin Yates moved into the Morse Road Intermediate Care Facility in 2002. Martin likes living at Morse Road because there are a lot of people around to talk to about issues that are concerning him and things that interest him. Martin needs to rely on staff to assist him with his showers and staying clean, they help him look nice and dress sharp, and keep his room clean.  Staff also, most importantly to Martin, listen and talk to him and help him turn his TV or music on or off in his room. Even though these are the expectations he has for staff, he still wants to do as much as he can for himself without relying on staff for assistance. He appreciates it when staff ask him before jumping in to assist him. In 2015, Martin was asked to participate in a pilot project using assistive technology to increase his independence and enable him to more easily access his environment.  Amazon Echo, a voice activated computer application designed to interface with appliances and other features in the home, was introduced to Martin. He  learned how to use the device and was able to turn the lights in his bedroom on/off, turn his TV on/off, listen to  music when he wants (he can often be heard saying “Alexa play Michael Jackson”), and to make music mixes for the various parties where he is the  DJ extraordinaire. This has helped Martin market his DJ skills and he has been paid for several events. Martin states he loves Alexa because he can turn things on and off and listen to music whenever he wants and he doesn’t have to ask staff for assistance.  He can also watch whatever he want on tv  without having staff “ being in his business”.  The mission of his Morse team is to partner with Martin to achieve goals he has identified as important  while continuing to support his goals/dreams as he changes and grows.

Sue Stephenson's Story

Sue is a graduate of Eastmoor High School and is a recent graduate of Cooking Matters a class taught at Local Matters.  During her classes at Local Matters she stood out as someone who loves learning new things.  Sue often volunteered to demonstrate her newly acquired cooking skills in front of the class.  
Sue’s life is always an adventure; from owning her own home at one time, to living in several communities, and finally finding her way to an apartment near High Street that is convenient to the bus line.  What started out as a birthday gift has turned out to be a small business for Sue; she makes beaded necklaces and sells them at craft shows in the area. 
Sue’s current full time employment is with Open Arms where she is doing data entry after retiring from Pilot Dogs where she worked for 19 years.  
Sue loves to travel and has gone on cruises, trips to Las Vegas, Nashville, Dollywood, Branson, and even a Dude Ranch to name a few.  Sue makes friends wherever she goes.  She’s a regular at the gas station where she buys her lottery tickets and everyone knows her name.  She practices her cooking skills every week and invites friends over for dinner.  Sue loves her life and is proud of her independence in working, cooking, bowling and of course planning her next vacation.  

Mary Lodge's Story

One look around Mary’s apartment in Grandview and it’s easy to see why she is so proud. The neat, organized two-bedroom home is an oasis for her — offering her the opportunity to be independent while still receiving help when she needs it. Mary has used the Boundless Supported Living Program for 16 years. She previously lived in a home with two roommates, but in June 2010 moved into her own place, a four-unit building where the other tenants are also program members. “I feel I have great people around me to work with,” Mary said. “I have a good home, live my life the way I want to live, and don’t have to answer to anyone. The staff really knows how to work with me and knows the things I like to do.” This outgoing woman loves her job, going to the theater, and keeping busy with a number of extracurricular activities. Mary works out at the YMCA, goes on frequent outings with friends, and attends Me and My Friends, a popular weekly program that brings together individuals involved in the Supported Living Program. In her spare time, Mary is working on a biography that details her life. Staff members help Mary with weekly grocery shopping and money management, and are always close by if she needs anything. She says she never knew how happy she could be until she moved into her current home. For Mary, it’s a perfect fit.