dsp Recognition week: Celebrating Boundless heroes

DSP Recognition Week is here!

This year, when the world has so clearly seen the essential roles these professionals play in our society and the lives of those we love, we are more thankful than ever for the opportunity to pause and reflect on all they do and to let them know we appreciate and value their hard work and unwavering dedication.

While this is “DSP” Recognition Week, Boundless would like to thank all of our heroes who work directly with the people we serve daily, including our amazing direct support professionals and stellar team of behavioral technicians!


pictures of direct support professionals with the people they serve 

Sharing Our Appreciation

This week, we encourage you to use the hashtag #BoundlessHero to shout out to a Boundless DSP of BT who you appreciate on social media!  We will be sharing stories and pictures of team members who have worked so diligently this year to keep the people we serve happy, healthy, and safe!

To kick off the week, we would like to share a letter from our President and CEO, Patrick Maynard, PhD, along with a story of long-time Boundless DSP, Laurette!


From Patrick’s Desk

These last months I have been continually moved by the incredible efforts of our frontline staff to ensure the safety and comfort of the people we serve.

While the world was encouraged to stay home, frontline champions, like Laurette Olivier, were there for your loved ones during a time of vulnerability and uncertainty.

For nineteen years, Laurette has been a teacher, helper, cheerleader, and friend to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her compassion and kindness are an inspiration, and just two reasons why she is treasured by the individuals and families she supports. Laurette and all of our remarkable frontline professionals are truly the backbone of Boundless.

Each September, we celebrate care providers like Laurette as part of DSP Recognition Week. It’s a great opportunity to honor the special DSPs and BTs who provide direct care for the people we serve–your loved ones.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the Boundless Team.

Patrick Maynard, PhD
President and CEO


Nineteen Years of Caring: Laurette’s Story

Laurette“Graduating from high school, I had no idea what a job as a DSP entailed. In my mind a DSP would cook, clean, and take people out.

My biggest desire today is to make a positive impact on people’s lives. This ideal is a reflection of what my family and I expected for my late grandmother in her final years.

My grandmother suffered from multiple strokes and went to a nursing home for rehabilitation where she was mistreated. This shaped my heart and led me to a career helping others as a DSP.

Upon the start of my employment as a DSP in November of 2001, I never thought I would still be here today in 2020. Over the past nineteen years, I have formed countless relationships with individuals that have left a positive impact on my life. I hope I have had the same impact on theirs. 

Through the individuals I serve I have learned to believe ‘I Can Do’ rather than ‘I Can’t Do.’ I am honored every day to have the opportunity to help any individual make a change that will lead to a positive outcome in their life.”


Join the Celebration

Make Your Gift of Thanks

Want to do something special to recognize a DSP or BT in your life? Make a donation in their honor for this year’s Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week!

Simply fill out the “This gift is in honor of” field on the form with the name of your chosen DSP or BT. When you donate, your honoree will be notified of your gift with a letter from Boundless. If you’d like to add a personalized note from yourself, please contact dthobaben@iamboundless.org.

You can make your gift of thanks here on our giving page.

Once again, thank you for helping us say “thank you” to these extraordinary professionals who are an indispensable part of our Boundless team!