Phone Directory

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Welcome Center

Nereyda Fuerte Receptionst 2100

Advancement and Communications

Jodi Bopp VP, Advancement 2402
Kristin Hampton-Harmoon Public Relations Manager 2351
Carla Howard Executive Assistant 2283
Jackie Hufstetler Manager, Marketing and Communications 2318
Keith Powell Director, Marketing and Communications 2112
Dominique Thobaben Manager, Philanthropy 2344

Central Area

Worthington Campus 614-844-3800
Samantha Banks Administrator of Center Based Services 2222
Sara Beottcher Clinical Director SOAR – Building I 2222
Christine Austin Fannin Director, ABA Therapies 2204
Abigail Harris Lead Speech Therapist 2233
Nathan Henninger Regional Director, Central Ohio Operations 2267
Kristen Messer Clinical Director Elm – Building H 2285
Chelsea Myers Clinical Director Stepping Forward – Building R 2245
Chasity Overholt Training Specialist 2305


Dayton Area

West Carrollton Campus 937.247.2401
Brett Breeze Pets & People 2430
Brad Herbst Transportation 2406
Andrea Hill
Hannah Johnson
Charla Lanier Administrative Coordinator 2401
Jim Lindsey Clinic Manager 3881
Brigitte McMillan Center-Based ABA, Clinic Director 7004
Mark Miller Vocational/Workforce 2404
Deborah Randall Regional Director, Western Ohio Operations
Bridgette Thornton Day Program 2403

Family Support Services

Jackie Bell

Family Support Specialist


Stacey Chiero

Administrator, Family Support Services


Angie Cichon

Director, Family Living Services




Rachel Bakies Finance Reporting Manager 2294
Michelle Barner Manager, Accounts Receivable – IAB, BBH, BCP, TBF Escalated issues for all companies 2412
Nathan Cavanaugh Billing Specialist BBH – Calls from clients, front desk, or insurance 2343
Terra Curtis Supervisor, Accounts Receivable BBH – Speech billing, ABA Billing, School Contracts, ASP Billing, Credentialing, Escalated issues for BBH 2224
Linda Fitzsimmons Billing Specialist ICF – Anything ICF related 2268
Kelly Freeman Director, Revenue and Reimbursement 2403
Meghan Green Accounting Manager 3267
Julie Hertzler Senior Accountant 3219
John Johnston Senior Accountant 2299
Allison Kline Supervisor, Accounts Receivable IAB (SL, ICF, PDP) BCP – Escalated issues for these companies 2207
Rogel Martinez Senior Accountant 3249
Jasmine Smith Accountant 2164
David Temple Billing Specialist PDP, SL – Questions from staff, parents, other departments, County boards 3235
Kara Turner Billing Specialist BBH – Calls from clients, front desk, or insurance 2202
Ardena Underwood Controller 2295
Kathy Wilson Account Payable Specialist 3287


Valerie Burgett HR Assistant Onboarding 3231
Grace Chanfrau VP, People & Culture 2415
Sarah Chapman Onboarding & Training Coordinator Training 2242
Dianna Dunkle Sr. Payroll Specialist Payroll questions PDP, Behavioral Health 2306
Amber Farroux Lead Recruiter BBH 2248
Melinda Gerrell Sr. Payroll Specialist Payroll questions ICF, SL, Administration 3211
Matt Hobbs Director 2411
Kaylin Kavanaugh Intern 2006
Monisha Lammert HR Manager Payroll Management, Benefits, FMLA, Worker’s Comp 2213
Joe Lasinger Intern 2332
Annette McMurray HR Manager Employee Relations, Compliance, Recruiting/Onboarding Management 2333
Joe Orozco Human Resources Coordinator 2314
Vanessa Robinson Recruiter ICF 3226


Amy Clayton Program Coordinator, McDowell 2501
Melinda Del Fratte Director, Community Living Services 3232
Cindy Epperly RN 2256
Sasha Hughes Program Coordinator, Kimberly Woods & MSY 3301
Bronsha Howard Manager, McDowell 2500
Jesse Keith Program Coordinator, Dierker 2601
Laurette Olivier Manager, Morse 2700
Margaret Padgett Manager, Dierker 2600
Dave Powers Program Coordinator, Morse 2701
Tamika Ransom Manager, KW & MSY 2300
Michelle Stewart ICF, Administrator 3273
Ashley Walker Administrative Assistant 2328


Rick Anderson Sharepoint/IT Support 7425
Rick Neighbarger Director, IT 2409
Emily Hornick Mobility Solutions Specialist II 4357
Caliph Scott Windows & Systems Administrator 2007
Help Desk 4357



David Blaugrund VP, Legal & Compliance 2419
Jodi Bopp VP, Advancement & Communications 2402
Grace Chanfrau VP, People & Culture 2415
Carla Howard Executive Assistant 2283
Patrick Maynard President & CEO 2401
Jennifer Riha VP, Performance Improvement and Service Delivery 2423
Lori Sontag VP, Business Development 2400
Chris Wolf Executive Vice President 2481


David Blaugrund

VP, Legal & Compliance


Jon Gabel

General Counsel

Jen Gannon

Manager, Compliance


Carla Howard

Executive Assistant


Gabby Reissland

Director, Legal & Compliance



Maintenance & Facilities

Max Darlington
Heribeto Fuerte
Erik Gutierrez
Antonio’s “Tony” Hernandez
David Knight Director, Maintenance & Facilities 2408
Francisco Gomez
Fausto Ramirez
Jordan Schumer Administrative Assistant, Transportation & Maintenance/Facilities 2100

Medina Area

Medina Campus 330.596.1042
Theresa Alexander Residential Manager, Summit County Summit County Residential Services 2408
Doug Eastman Residential Manager, Medina Medina County Residential Services 3270
Lisa Dennis BCP Program Coordinator Programming/Scheduling and ISP 2275
Holly Hurd Operations Supervisor BCP Day-to-Day Program Functions, Transportation 2256
Jill Kruft Coordinator, Community Integration WOW Program 2269
Lauri Livingston-Roberts Regional Director, Northern Ohio Operations 2255
Molly Mallory Residential Manager, Richland County Richland County Residential Services 3246
Suzette Sayre Director, Supported Living Northern Ohio Residential Services 3333
Tina Wulff Administrative Coordinator Office/Admin. Supplies, Physical Plant, Reservations of Performing Arts and Fitness Center 2244

Newark Area

Newark Campus 740.334.4056
Cassidy Bailey Center-Based Clinician All OBC and social work related needs 2296
Sierra Donley Education Coordinator Questions about school needs, school documents, IEPs, ETRs, etc. 2008
Nathan Henninger Regional Director, Central Ohio Operations 2267
Jen LaLuzerne Director, Clinic All center-based clinical questions or needs 2301

Outpatient Clinic (Worthington)

Brittany Gill


Cory Heater



Nicole Morgan

Outpatient Services


Nithya Ramanathan, MD



Evan Silverland


Stephanie Tronolone













Matthew Chapman Administrative Coordinator Anywhere Assistance 3257
Stacey Chiero Administrator, Family Living Services 3258
Angie Cichon Director, Family Living Services 3233
Cindy Cimprich Administrative Coordinator Timesheets 3248
Charlotte Ellzy Fiscal Specialist PDP Payroll 3236
Jennifer Farley Case Manager LV1 Last Names S-Z and Ohio Shared Living families 3240
Randetta Moore Case Manager IO-HPC waivers and SELF waivers 3286
Andrea Sandrock Administrator, Family Living Services 2331
Jennifer Williams Case Manager LV1 Last Names A-R 2323

Performance Improvement and Service Delivery

Fellicia Billy

EHR System Administrator


Susie Burke

Director, Quality Assurance


Jennifer Riha

VP, Performance Improvement and Service Delivery



Kristie Brison Assistant Manager, Kimberly Woods 2321
Tiwania Lofton Assistant Manager, Palmer-Donavin 2320
Natalie Simpson Assistant Manager, Winchester Pike Emergency Care 2320



LaTasha Pannell Manager, Community Relationships 2243
Renee Stein Director, Program Sales and Outreach 2009

Supported Living

Leah Berringer Administrative Assistant Hours worked in SL and Department questions 3231
Alysia Harrison Scheduling and Compliance Support Specialist 3251
Abigail Gilbert RN 2253
Ka Ren Steele Recreation Therapist 2228
Chris Daniels Community Living Support Services Manager 2404
Ambur Jessup Administrator, Central SL & Respite 2329
Todd Mitchell Administrator, Fairfield County & Licking County 2320
Tara Hart Lead RN 2405
Melinda Del Fratte Director, Community Living Services 3232



Shawn Stewart


Ed Wolford

Director, Transportation




5696 Dierker Road Columbus, OH 43235
2397 Kimberly Woods Drive Columbus, OH 43232
4416 Morse Road Columbus OH 43230
4218 McDowell Road Grove City OH 43123


786 Ferndale Road, Mansfield, OH 44907
2438 Kimberly Woods, Columbus, OH 43232


349 W. Main St. Portage, OH 43451
Palmer Donavin 4268 McDowell Rd. Grove City, OH 43123