Day Program

Boundless knows that a Day Program needs to be about interests, engagement, entertainment and friends.  Everyone needs these basic elements to be present in order to enjoy themselves and seek new experiences.  As a CQL accredited program, Boundless knows what it means to be person centered, and how to achieve that with everyone who comes looking for activity and engagement during the day.  

Boundless can offer Non-Medical Transportation for those in need of a transportation solution.  In addition, Boundless is very pleased to be affiliated with MONCO Enterprises for those of you interested in looking at employment opportunities or job readiness.  MONCO Enterprises has over 30 years experience in employment and job programs in Montgomery County.  

Boundless will support you as we explore your interests.  Please contact us or come see our program in action.   

(Boundless) is a godsend. It’s so wonderful to know Sandra is with (Boundless) and if something would happen to me it would be all right.  It’s marvelous Sandra is learning all these new skills, too. We’re so lucky to have this kind of organization in Franklin County. It’s a perfect solution.

Dodie Whitacre


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