What are adult day services?
Our adult day services offer ongoing opportunities for the people we serve to actively engage in their communities. We take the time to get to know each of our participants and then develop person-centered programming that appeals to their needs and interests. From attending local festivals or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, to afternoons spent getting fit at the gym or cheering on the home team, we help the people we serve to get the most out of their communities — including providing non-medical transportation.
Where are adult day services available?
Boundless virtual and in-person adult day services are available on our Medina and West Carrollton campuses.
What is the Without Walls Community Club Program? (Medina)

Club members have the opportunity to participate in several approximately three-hour community-based field trips. Clubs meet two to three days a week and include transportation to and from your home. Your options include the following:

  • Photography Club: Utilize your cell phone or camera to explore a variety of planned subjects during each excursion. Activity Level: Mild/Accessible.
  • Mind, Body, & Sole Club: Mind: Meet Jen at the park for a mindfulness and yoga session. Body: Meet Marsha at the park for a music and dance session. Sole: Stroll with staff and your friends through the park. Activity Level: Mild/Accessible
  • Hiking Club: Explore various hiking trails while learning about nature. Activity Level: Moderate.
  • Great Outdoors Club: Easy “hiking” on paved park paths, nature exploring, wildlife watching, and ranger talks. Activity Level: Mild/Accessible.
  • Arts & Culture Club: Staff will lead you on an exploration of sculpture gardens, flowers, and shrubbery gardens while exploring the history and culture of our area. Activity Level: Mild/Accessible.
  • Rec & Leisure Club: Hang out with your friends and engage in fun-filled board games, bingo, cards, and more. Activity Level: Mild/Accessible

As part of our comprehensive COVID-19 prevention plan, we have limited space to four participants per club.

What makes us stand out?

We are the only organization in Ohio with both CQL and CARF accreditation. Our commitment to love, excellence, respect, and well-being shines through in everything we do.


How can I learn more?

For intake information call 1.800.409.2729.