COVID-19 Update for Non-Essential Employees

During this challenging and rapidly changing time, our highest priority is continuing to provide critical services to individuals and their families, while also protecting the health and safety of the entire Boundless family.   

Therefore, to decrease the potential spread of COVID-19, we have classified all employees into one of three categories: 

  • Essential – Essential employees must report to a physical Boundless location to perform their job.  
  • Non-Essential – Non-essential employees do not need to report to a physical Boundless location to perform their job.  
  • As needed – As needed employees sometimes need to report to a physical Boundless location to perform their job.   

Your supervisor will inform you whether you have been designated “essential,” “non-essential,” or “as needed.” Please note that your designation may change over time based on changes in the community and the evolving situation. If this happens, your supervisor will inform you.  

Effective immediately, we are encouraging all non-essential team members to work remotely until at least April 3. All non-essential staff choosing to telecommute must complete the attached form. Please note: an electronic “signature” will do, a live signature isn’t necessary.   

 IT has created useful instructions to assist staff in accessing information while working remotely, including information on how to access voicemails, emails, documents, and join TEAMS meetings. Those instructions are available on our employee website: 

 We’d like to remind staff that this is a telecommuting arrangement, and the organization is not closed. All team members working remotely should maintain normal business operations and hours as much as possible. Please be sure to keep in touch with your supervisor and others as needed. If you have PTO scheduled or need to take PTO during the time you are telecommuting, please still do so to indicate that you are not working on those designated days or hours.  It is essential to keep ourselves focused on our mission and the critical services we provide to those we support and our communities.  

As always, thank you for your flexibility, patience, and hard work as we navigate through this extraordinary time together.