Center-Based Program

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Boundless uses evidence-based treatment for youth with Autism.  Our Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) programming can be accessed by families a couple different ways.  We have been able to partner with several school districts to provide services at one of our two locations (Worthington or Newark), and in other situations, we provide our programs at the school itself, in a class room setting.  Boundless can accept funding for this program, through the Autism Scholarship Program, Medicaid and school district contracts.  

Our program curriculum includes communication and social skills instruction embedded directly into the student’s day, incorporating instruction that is designed to improve both pre-academic, and academic skills.  Specific social skills deficits are identified through assessment and are taught using a combination of social stories, modeling and role play.  All support plans are developed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) or a BCBA student.

Day Treatment is offered for individuals who have a co-occurring autism and behavioral health need. This additional program addresses complex needs by providing behavioral interventions using evidence based techniques to develop and restore social skills and daily functioning.  Day treatment services are offered in center-based programs during set times for those assessed for that additional intervention.   

My son has received academic and intervention services from the Harding Campus (Worthington, Ohio) for the past 10 years.  His education has been exceptional and he is able to perform tasks that I never thought he would be able to do.  There has always been a fresh and positive attitude displayed by his Teachers and Behavioral Technicians.  As Boundless became the owner of the facility, practices have only improved and more opportunities for my son have surfaced.  I would recommend this “Boundless” campus to anyone with a child on the autsim spectrum.

Vivki LaRouche


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