Boundless, Inc. is excited to announce that it has expanded services West – to the greater Dayton area!  As of January 2, 2018 Boundless, a 501c3 non-profit organization, provides Day Programming – community integration, social engagement and daily life skill activities – support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Last year, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD) embarked on a process to privatize day programming and employment services and Boundless was awarded the opportunity to provide Day Programming services. Located at the Liberty Center in West Carrollton, Dayton,  Boundless shares space with affiliate MONCO Enterprises, Inc.   MONCO Enterprises, previously operated by MCBDD, focuses on employment readiness skills, employment opportunities and job coaching for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Boundless Day Program

Utilizing the tenants of Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) accreditation, Boundless’ program engages each person based on his/her interests and goals.  For example a person who loves music and dancing would be connected with a movement and dance studio in the community – a connection that could be explored during day program service hours or while he/she is at home in the evenings and weekends.  Or, if the interest is crafting, then the individual, with staff support, is integral in the planning of projects followed by the purchasing of materials. Once back at Boundless, he/she has a spacious, well-lit area in which to create.

Bridgette Thornton, Boundless Day Program Administrator, shares,

“By incorporating the CQL approach, our program is without walls.  As people reveal and discover what interests them, then the ever-changing program will reflect what people want and/or need.”

Boundless Day Program participants also enjoy volunteering in the community at The Foodbank, Inc local food pantry, stocking books at nearby Little Libraries, as well as collecting and depositing recyclable materials.  

With MONCO Enterprises on-site, individuals have the option to combine day programming with employment.  A person who, due to age or medical complexities as examples, may not have the stamina or interest in full time employment activities.  Being able to combine an employment and day programming schedule could be the option that best suits his/her needs.

Transportation Services

In addition to CQL programming, Boundless also currently offers six routes of non-medical transportation to and from the day program. Ordinarily families or residential providers would need to provide or arrange for program attendees to arrive at Boundless and return home.  Providing non-medical transportation in this capacity has proven to be so beneficial, that Boundless is actively working to include additional routes later this year!

Boundless is also proud to announce that employees hired for our Day Program have many years’ experience in the I/DD field.  In addition, many of our staff were already familiar with our program participants and had been supporting them prior to their choice of Boundless as their provider.  

Behavioral Health Services

Another exciting opportunity for later this year is the integration of Boundless Behavioral Health services in the West Region.  In addition to outpatient counseling, case management services, and applied behavior analysis, Boundless Behavioral Health plans to offer a day treatment program to support individuals with behavioral needs who are attending the day program.  Our day treatment program includes specific group topics as well as group and individual behavioral health supports incorporating evidence-based interventions for individuals with complex needs.

Boundless’ expansion into the greater Dayton area is one more step to achieve our vision of a world that realizes the full potential of all people.