“The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James Humes

Effective communication can be quite the challenge in many organizations.  The basic elements of whether or not a message is received depends on the person sharing information as well as the person the message is intended for.   For an organization such as Boundless whose services occur in many different community settings – and whose employees’ primary focus is caring for people, effective communication is crucial to assuring that employees remain engaged, connected and well-informed.

Communication Ambassador Committee

In September of 2016, Boundless Leadership team decided to include an additional resource share strategy, events, mission, value and culture. Team members from several different departments were invited to be part of the Communication Ambassadors – a committee whose purpose is to act as liaison between senior management and employees, conveying and responding to questions about important news, events and activities.

Communication Ambassador Committee member Sarah Chapman, Boundless’ Onboarding and Training Coordinator states “I feel the purpose of the committee is to understand what is going on with our company, and be positive role models for our employees. Being able to answer staff questions with knowledge and correct, helpful information.”

In addition to acting as an informational resource, the members of the Communication Ambassador Committee also help plan and host company events.  Committee member and Boundless Residential Manager Molly Mallory shares “What I enjoy most about being on the committee is being a part of the bigger picture. I enjoy helping with activities/events… that’s something I’ve also done even when working in the homes. I was a huge part of the planning process and follow through.”

One of the favorite events from the past year was the Boundless picnic at Everal Barn in Westerville.  This picnic celebrated the launch of the Boundless name as well as the joint venture between former Franklin County Residential Services and Step by Step Academy.  Employees and people served by Boundless enjoyed a catered meal dished up by members of the Boundless Leadership team on a gorgeous Spring day.  Most importantly, it was an opportunity for those in attendance to catch up and connect.

Boundless Family Living Services Administrator Stacey Chiero described the picnic’s purpose the best, “I really enjoyed the picnic that included everyone we serve and all staff…  It [brought] us all together to show everyone our common goal, to love and serve.  That’s what we do and we do it very well.”

The Committee is Growing

As Boundless continues to offer new services and programs to meet the needs of adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as mental health and complex behavioral needs the Communication Ambassador Committee has already begun recruiting additional members, ensuring representation from all services, programs and regions as well as board members and, eventually, community volunteers.

The committee’s value to the Boundless organization expands daily –  colleagues who have committed to a purpose beyond their routine job duties – to be there for coworkers and act as resource for information, plan and host events and role model Boundless values.  

The Communication Ambassadors are full of energy and passion to serve.  If you are interested in volunteering for this opportunity, please send an email to lsontag@franklinmgmt.org.