Company or corporate culture exists within every organization defined by the beliefs and behaviors that govern interaction between leadership and employee; employee and customer.  There are two options when it comes to culture that a company can take – organic development by passive or minimal (possibly even poor) management or the purposeful creation of a culture designed by company leadership.

Value-Based Leadership

With a solid foundation of value-based leadership and service delivery, Boundless has opted to plan its company culture with intention by engaging a company called Focus3 to guide them through the process of defining and developing the positive and innovative company culture that aligns with their mission, vision and value.  

Suzy Pelok, Executive Director of Boundless, shares,

“Focus3 is based on the premise that good leadership is not a differentiator, but THE differentiator. Leaders create the culture that drives behavior that produces results. Results are a reflection of the behavior of people….A big part is also allowing the leaders to evaluate their own leadership style and what motivates them.”

Because corporate culture is influenced by and affects all layers and facets of the organization, to design one takes a game plan of multiple actions.   The first two phases centered on senior leadership and the creation of Boundless’ Culture Playbook which defines Boundless’ culture goals.

Lead Now Sessions

For the next and perhaps the most exciting phase so far, Focus3 and Boundless initiated the Lead Now Sessions that occurred at the end of January and beginning of February.  Over fifty Boundless leaders and managers, representing every program and department, attended the three part series. The purpose of the seminars, led by Scott Daly, focused on the key elements of leadership, identifying the core components of necessary skills and behaviors and how those seemingly individual or independent actions drive culture within the organization.

Kristen Solomon, Director of Client Services for Center-Based and Outpatient Behavioral Health shares,

“This leadership training is a strong reminder that our roles as leaders are always developing. We are excited to be a part of these leadership sessions that will develop a culture, ensure quality staff and produce exceptional results.”

Matt Hobbs, Director of Human Resources, states,

“Scott showed all of us the performance pathway and taught us that leadership is not a title, but a way to create a work environment that enables excellence.”

Matt continues,

“As an HR team, we will continue to educate our managers and support them in their leadership development. Our culture is a product of our actions and it isn’t easy — leadership is hard work, but the results of positive behaviors help everyone and continue to bolster that culture. We also plan to roll out an employee recognition program (Boundless Appreciation) that will empower all staff to see and take action when they see people living the culture… These examples will be celebrated throughout Boundless…”

Kristen has also taken components of the Lead Now trainings back to her department.  She describes,

“For the intake department I have already started implementing several concepts for the trainings. I have weekly goals for my each of my team member where I am working on demonstrating character and competence and building connections.”

Next Steps in Culture Building

With the Lead Now session complete, the next phase of the Focus3 program for Boundless centers on bringing the Culture Playbook to the rest of Boundless’ hundreds of employees.  Some of the next action items include using the concepts of leadership to drive the Boundless Appreciation program that Matt described as well as the development of training programs to assure that employees continue to be purposeful and engaged in Boundless’ designed culture.

As Suzy states,

“This is not a “one and done” training. Focus 3 is facilitating the development of our culture, but much more will go into it becoming the fabric of our day to day behaviors.”