At Boundless, we celebrate amazing accomplishments every day!

  • A parent of a child experiencing Autism had been unable to speak hears them say “hello” for the first time
  • A person who lives at our Kimberly Woods home learns that with the help of one Boundless staff members he can prepare his own lunch and make his sandwich they way he likes it – with potato chips IN the sandwich
  • During a field trip to the therapeutic riding center, a person served by Boundless sits upright in the saddle and smiles wide as she sees the world from a completely different perspective for the first time
  • A person served by Boundless’ Supportive Living program was recently able to pay off her condo after lots of hard work and support

Boundless serves countless youth, adults and their families through our numerous programs and homes designed to meet the needs of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities around Ohio.

YOU can help create more amazing accomplishments by becoming a beam of light today.

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If you recently made a donation to Boundless, we are grateful for your continued support and impact on our children, people and their families.   Your gift regardless of size is a beam of light.